Editorial Policy

Heathvibes creates content that is straightforward, actionable, accurate, and medically reviewed by some medical or field specialist. 

We know that it is not easy to find reliable and actionable information for health and wellness over the internet. 

Healthvibes creating information understandable, easily accessible, and trustworthy enough to take any accurate action or decision for yourself. 

We simplify complex medical terminology or topic so you can understand easily and feel confident. Whether you are looking for facts, general wellness, health issues, or any specific condition, we are here for you. 

We try to cover a range of health topics and viewpoints. 

Our mission

We want to be your most trustworthy web portal for your health and wellness concerns. 

Our content writing Process

Our healthvibes digital, technical, and medical teams are committed to putting forward good quality content and experiences by upholding the highest standards. We are unbiased and honest towards our content/information. 

Our Expert team

Our content is created by content writers, fact-checked by QA, and then medically reviewed by some medical/field specialist licensed by govt. of India. 

Our References

Healthvibes has strict sourcing guidelines. We rely on academic research institutions, medical agencies or associations, journals, reviewed studies, or publications. 

We mention our resources at the bottom of each article. As each article is thoroughly researched by our team. 

Our Update Policy

Our team continuously monitors new information available so we can update our articles. 

Our readers can alert/inform us about any inaccurate, outdated and contradictory information at [email protected]

Your feedback is always welcome

If you have any concerns then contact us.